After identifying a need for strong vigorous nut specimens to support future orchard plantations in Australia, we embarked on a search for a suitable site for our nursery and laboratory facility. We carefully selected the Bunbartha farm for its soil and climate conditions and for the plentiful water supply available through the Murray Goulburn irrigation scheme.

Our laboratory has been designed to facilitate the efficient production of large quantities of resilient and uniform plants using tissue culture methodology. We employ propagation protocols designed specifically for the production of particular plants in vitro and base our protocols on the best science. In the future we plan to produce a diverse range of trees and plants using tissue culture or seed and to offer custom tissue culture projects based on our clients’ specified needs. We may work towards producing other nut trees and might also branch out into berries.

Our Team

We have assembled a proficient team of horticulture professionals supporting best practice in nursery and laboratory management. These key team members bring considerable experience and expertise to the operation, applying the latest research and offering professional advice.

Our team consists of a respected biologist, a pioneer in developing efficient protocols for the production of nut trees in tissue culture laboratories and a horticulturalist and soil scientist well experienced in the techniques of cultivating commercial walnut orchards on Australian soils.

We are committed to the ongoing development of effective practices in production and cultivation in our nursery facility and tissue culture laboratory. Our mutual bond is a passion for producing excellent trees and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work as a team.

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