How Does This Work?

With the combined establishment of nursery, laboratory and greenhouse facilities, we can provide high quality, fully established nut trees that are ready to transplant right away according to client specifications. We are currently the only nursery in Australia producing nut trees using tissue culture protocols. The plantlets we produce clonally are genetically alike, possessing superior characteristics for vigour, uniformity, budding compatibility, disease resistance and yield. Using these methods we are not limited by seed availability or germination rates as to how many specimens can be produced. In time we will have the capacity to produce any variety or strain of tree in large numbers to meet the customers’ needs.

The quality of the trees we produce in our tissue culture laboratory is consistent, as we are effectively producing clones of vigorous and disease resistant specimens.  This consistency in plantation characteristics, quantity and yield ensures our clients with reliability, quality produce and high yields. We are enthusiastic about the potential of grafted and own rooted trees produced using tissue culture. Own rooted trees have been grown successfully in other countries in marginal soils with great results and strong yields.

Plantlet rootstocks are affected by genetic variability. As every plantlet is different, performance may be less reliable overall. There can also be some advantages conferred by planting genetically diverse trees grown from seed. Some growers may have a preference for grafted trees with rootstock grown in the traditional way. Others may favour the uniform high performance stocks produced using tissue culture methodology. A sensible approach could possibly involve using a combination of seedling and clonal stocks for your plantation or using the soil characteristics of your site to guide selection of trees.

Product Offerings

Sold out of 2020 Winter Stock.

    • Now taking orders for Winter 2021: 
        •  Cisco on Paradox rootstock
        •  budded Tulare on Paradox rootstock
        •  budded Chandler on Paradox rootstock
        •  budded Franquette on Paradox rootstock
        • Paradox rootstock un-budded
        • Hindsii rootstock un-budded


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