Walnuts are nutritionally rich and consumers are increasingly becoming more conscious of the health value of food. Studies have shown that regular consumption of walnuts confers numerous cardiovascular, cognitive, anti-cancer and other health benefits. We consider that there is enormous potential for growth in the walnut industry in Australia to service local and international demand. Imatech Tree Nursery initially established the business growing walnuts due to a shortage and demand for quality tree stock in the Australian market for use in plantations. The business has grown and developed into becoming the sole producer of quality tissue cultured walnut plantations in Australia. We are passionate about Walnuts and enthusiastic about being a part of the growth in Walnut production in Australia.

Product Offerings

Sold out of 2020 Winter stock.

    • Now taking orders for Winter 2021: 
        •  Cisco on Paradox rootstock
        •   Tulare on Paradox rootstock
        •  Chandler on Paradox rootstock
        •  Franquette on Paradox rootstock
        •  Paradox rootstock un-budded
        •  Hindsii rootstock un-budded
    • Limited Bud wood scions available  
        • Chandler
        • Tulare
        • Franquette
        • Cisco
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